Adding Data to UniPROBE

Use this page to add data to the UniPROBE. You must perform the steps in the order shown.

For any questions or error reports, email

NOTE: You are now in the staging area for UniPROBE. All links on this page will now navigate within this area to allow checking of functionality for partially deposited data.

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Adding Data

1. Create a new Publication

2. Add Proteins to your publication.

3. Specify any Protein Complexes with specific PBM data in a publication (if any).

4. Add Clones for your proteins.

5. Create a new 'Experiment' which will link clones/proteins/publication all together in the database.

Before step 6, you need to get your data files ready and properly formatted in a folder of your choice on your machine, then compress it into a zip. Here are some instructions and helpful tips.

6. Add the relevant Data Files.

7. Create new Logos for a protein

8. Create Search Data for a protein.

9. Process Submission

After you're done, send an email to to let us know, and we will finish the process for you by setting up a customized protein details page if necessary, checking that insertion into the database went smoothly, and moving your data into production.